New Year, New Plans!

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And a very happy new year to you! I hope that your celebration(s) were as festive as you desired. We spent a few days between Christmas and New Year at the beach, and it's wonderful to get away and recharge for a bit. But now it's back to work for us all, and I still have a few designs to complete for the Spring Collection, due later this month.

This year, I originally planned to increase my wholesale efforts, but after some soul searching of sorts, and seeing just how overwhelmingly large the stationery wholesale competition is, and what is selling in that world, I'm going to hold off on that strong push for a while and focus on what makes me happy. I'm not one to chase trends, and the styles that I see the most at retailers, while something I'll happily buy on occasion, it just isn't what I want to create even though it would sell.

I'll still design greeting cards, because we all need those!, but they'll stay in line with inviting's style. My favorite items to create are personalized stationery sets, and I love the giftability of them. When I graduated from high school, a woman I worked with gave me a set of 4bar folded cards, with my name in a blue, raised script. They were so much nicer than the set that came with my graduation announcements! And now, in my thirties, I still believe that personalized cards make a great gift, for yourself or to actually give to someone, and that no one's stationery drawer/box/shelf/wherever is complete without a set of their own. All that to say, expect to see a lot of personalized stationery presented this year. I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am!

Selecting the envelope color best for each liner. That was fun!

We've got some great things coming up this month, stay tuned!

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