7 Reasons Why Bad Parking Cards are a Great Holiday Gift

Posted by ashley mcneill on

Letterpress Bad Parking Cards...

You know them, you love them. Here's why you should gift them:

  1. They're a great stocking stuffer, especially for men since they're usually harder to find fun, filling items for.
  2. They're popular at white elephant / bad santa parties. The stealing activity is more likely to happen with these than with, say, a knitted toaster cover.
  3. They're actually useful! (See above re: toaster cover.)
  4. And when used, they're definitely more polite than any handwritten note I've ever left.
  5. They're a fun little add-on gift.
  6. Great gifts for new drivers, siblings, uncles, co-workers, your dad.
  7. When you purchase 3 at a time, the cost goes down per item, yay savings! So that's 3 stockings stuffed, and money saved.

Also available with our retro lady!

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