Dress Hanger Tags

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"Quick, grab your outfit for the day, you're late for the gym!"

And now you have to remember what shoes went well with it, and what jewelry or scarf, too. Now you have a little reminder to assure you, no matter how rushed you may be, that you'll look great.

You write a description of the dress, which shoes look best with it, and which accessories you like to pair with it. Then you know exactly what to grab/wear. (I recommend writing everything except the dress in pencil.) There’s a hole punch outline for the hanger, and I’d just leave it there on the hanger, and hang the dress back up on it after a wash or wear. If you’re really on top of things, you can note the dates of washings or wearings on the back of the tag, where it’s blank.


size: 2.5" x 5"
quantity: 10
ink(s): black
paper: 100% cotton, or chipboard.
flat / folded: flat
packaging: clear sleeve

Item Number: INV1083

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