Letter Openers, Vintage (2)

Vintage letter openers and paper knives, stationery accessories. Hand-carved wooden paper knives.

An important accessory for any serious letter writer, or just for those who want to make the chore of opening paper bills a little nicer, these are hand-carved, vintage wooden letter openers.

SOLD Sleek Trinidad, 11.5" long

SOLD Floral Inlay Dagger, 9" long

SOLD Wooden Blade, "Leathershop Intercourse Pa." written in marker, 8" long

Beaded Blade, bone?, with leather handle; wrapped beads coming loose; 7.5" (Since this photo was taken, the top white beads have fallen off, and the thread glued to the handle starting at the red beads.)

Kenyan person, 12" long Has sticker on one side "Hand Carved | Made in Kenya"

There is a small amount of glue/sticker residue from where the Lot # sticker was on all but Trinidad & African ones. A bit of goo gone should take care of it, or you can carefully scratch it off.
These are from an auction and all have been previously used.

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