Vintage letter openers and paper knives, stationery accessories. Hand-carved wooden paper knives.

Letter Openers, Vintage (3)

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An important accessory for any serious letter writer, or just for those who want to make the chore of opening paper bills a little nicer, these are vintage letter openers. The wooden ones are hand-carved.

African Boy 8.25" long

Flat Owl, 7.5" long

Man-Blade, 8.5" long

Plastic Beachy Scene, 8" long

Plastic Elephants, 7" long

There is a small amount of glue/sticker residue from where the Lot # sticker was on the wooden ones. A bit of GooGone should take care of it, or you can carefully scratch it off.
These are from an auction and all have been previously used.