Bad Parking Cards {Retro Guy}

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Letterpress Bad Parking Cards {Retro Guy}

Together, we can change the world. Or at least try to rid it of bad parking.

That’s the goal of these bad parking cards. And before you start to feel bad about slipping one onto a driver’s windshield, remember: they’re the ones who can’t park, and you’re still giving them a letterpressed card! Plus, we’ve found that these cards are way more polite than the angry, hand-written notes ever are.


size: 3.5" x 2" (business card-sized)
quantity: pack of 15
ink(s): black
paper: assorted colored card stock (lightly textured and more vibrant than appears in photo)
flat or folded: flat
packaging: clear sleeve

What people have said about these bad parking cards:

"Fun! My husband loved these!!"

"Super cute and great quality!!"

"They look awesome super hilarious i laminated a few so I can even use them in the rain, now just need to find someone who sucks at parking."

Customer Reviews

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My favorite

These make me laugh AND have a little hope for the future. They go very quickly in Austin.

Feels so good!

I love these cards! Whenever I get super annoyed at some inconsiderate driver's parking, I leave a delightful little card on the windshield to let him know of his inconsiderate and loathsome parking skills and then I feel so much better! He gets educated and I am relieved of my anger and frustration. Perfect!

Fun & funny gift idea

I love these cards! I get so frustrated by big trucks squeezing into tiny spaces or fancy cars crossing into multiple spots. These cards rechannel my anger in a fun way while still getting the point across and keeping it clean. These make great gifts if your friends or family feel the same way.

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