Marcello Personalized Stationery (S)

  • $105.00

As you can tell, we love using our collection of vintage metal type. Some of our fonts are like-new, and others are definitely well-loved. The variation creates a loveliness that is stunning. They make a generous and thoughtful gift, too.

We print deeply so that you can feel the impression, but not so deep that it wrinkles or ruins the backside of the card. 

size: A1 (5” x 3.5”)
ink(s): your choice
font: Bodoni, designed in 1909
paper: white 100% cotton
flat or folded: flat
envelopes: your choice (shimmer fairway is shown)
Contact us to discuss upgrades such as luxe, double-thick paper, edge painting on those, printed envelopes, or adding liners to the envelopes, for extra oomph (technical term there.)
When checking out, please let us know your color choices and what you’d like the cards to read. We’ll confirm via email and let you know when printing is scheduled for. (Usually within a week!)