Taxes Death & Trouble Print - Limited Edition

  • $4.98

Taxes Death & Trouble - Letterpress Wall Art 5x7

There’s only three things that for sure,
Taxes, death, and trouble.
Marvin Gaye “Trouble Man” 1972

A reminder of what to look forward to (ha ha), or a very chill song, this print is a little more masculine than we normally create, which makes it the perfect item to hang in a less-feminine space. Also, know a tax attorney? Great gift item!
This print was created using hand set 72-point heavy metal type. (inviting trivia: The type drawer is labeled “Big-Ass Font” because it is the largest metal font in the studio. Technically it’s “Alternate Gothic” but which is more descriptive, really?)


Size: matted to 8" x 10" or plain 5"x7"
Paper: white cotton
Ink: black
Font: Alternate Gothic, 72pt
Frame: not included
Packaging: clear sleeve

Item Number: INV1165

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