What Die Shapes Are Available? (as of 5.28.24)

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We do a lot of die cutting these days and these are the shapes already in the studio. For a new shape, please email us the pdf and we'll get a quote to you.

(If one of these is yours and you'd like it removed and sent to you, just let me know!)

  • Circles
    • Standard - 6.25", *new* 6", 5", 4", 3.5", 3", 2.75", 2", 1.5", 1"
    • Wavy
      • 5" (template)
      • *new* 4" (template)
      • *new* 3.375" (template)
    • CD Shape 4.7" (template)
    • Semi-Circles
  • *new* Corinthian Capital 4x4.9 (template)
    • Crest 2.5"x3" (template)
    • Cut-Out Shapes
      • Squatty Ovals
    • *new* Peace Sign 5.1x8 (template)
    • Pebble
    • Pennant
    • Plants
      • Leaf 1.5x3 (template) - so cute attached to citrus!
      • Leaf or Feather 4.6x1.7 (template)
      • *new* Lotus Flower 3.7x5.75 (template)
      • Monstera Leaf with hole punches 3.5x2.5 (template)
      • *new* Rose 3.5x3.8 - fits in 4bar envelope (template)
      • *new* Rose-Topped Menu 3.9x9.1 (template)
      • *new* Yucca 4x5.9 (template)
    • Pocket 4bar (template) - (items with score lines are a little more expensive because there's more set up involved)
    • Rectangles
      • Perforated rounded rectangle 3.5"x2.3125 (template)
      • Rounded rectangle 1.8125"x4.125" (template)
      • Scalloped Menu 5x10 (template)
      • Shells
      • Slits
        • Angled slits for inserting gift cards
        • *new* Champagne Glass Escort Cards (template)
      • Squares - Wavy
      • Sunglasses 2.7x7 (template)
      • Tag/House shape (6.5"x3.5")
      • Handled rectangle (5"x6.75")
      • Door hanger styles, which I also use for wine bottle gift tags
      If you want a custom shape for your project, we can do that, too! My steel die maker is in the Dallas area and ships crazy-fast. I joke that the die arrives at the studio before I even submit my order, but it's about a two-day turnaround. So fast. Pricing starts at $80 and goes up depending on size and complexity.

      I'll update this with new die shapes/sizes and photos so you can reference it for projects.
      As always, email if you have any questions or projects to discuss.

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