Digital Printing Color Testing

Posted by ashley mcneill on

If you've got a color for us to print but want to see what the most accurate cmyk/hex code will be, try sending us the file below with some color options.

Say we have a project that needs to look like Pantone 166u. We'll look it up at a website like and look at some possible options, plugging those into each line of the color tester in Adobe Illustrator. (The lines are grouped and opacity adjustments automatically made, to make life easier for us all.)

1. Find some hexcodes:

2. Download the file and edit the file with your colors:

3. Save the file and email us the pdf to print on the desired papers. We'll take a look at it, compare to the pantone/paper/envelope swatch that you want to match, and advise you which looks best coming from our equipment.

There's probably an easier way to do all this, but it works for us! Test prints are $5.



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