FAQ: Can We Print Your Canva Files

Posted by ashley mcneill on

Yes, but because of the difficulties of Canva files when it comes to setting up for letterpress printing (or even some digital!), starting Jan 2024 we'll be adding a $75 fee to any projects with Canva files (unless, of course, absolutely no editing is needed. Which would be a miracle.)

I'm all for DIY, trust me, but usually we end up spending a lot of time sourcing the fonts used (and they're not always free!) so that we can outline them for printing plates, editing sizes, and sometimes we actually have to recreate the entire file. And time is in short supply.

Thanks for understanding! (And it wouldn't be the $75 if it takes me just 10 minutes of work. I'm not that mean.)


P.s. This cracked me up so I had to share.


from @designershumor

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