FAQ: What Papers Do You Stock?

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We currently stock the following:

  • Lettra: 110# and 220#, Pearl and Fluorescent Whites
  • Savoy: 118# and 236#, Natural and Brilliant Whites
  • Mohawk Eggshell: 120#, White and Ultra White
  • Mohawk Smooth: 130#, Ultra White (for digital, not letterpress)
  • Porridge Papers:
    • Porcelain, Magnolia, Wool, Wheat in 4bar, A2, A7
    • Fog, Novelette, and Lambs Ear in 4bar, A2, A7 but smaller quantities
    • Cotton in 4bar, A2, A6, A7, A9, and 4x9 (menu)

I also try to keep a large ream or two of the following:

  • Gmund 111# Chardonnay
  • Gmund 111# Light Moss
  • Colorplan 130# Vellum White
  • Colorplan 130# Mist
  • Keaykolour 111# China White
  • Keaykolour 111# Biscuit
  • Keaykolour 111# Deep Black
  • White Vellum 30# and 48#

And for white toner printing, we keep the following 100#s in stock:

  • Colorplan: Ebony, Imperial Blue, Mid Green, and Racing Green

Envelopes We Keep in Stock

  • Lettra: 4bar, A2, A6, A7 in Fl. and Pearl White
  • Savoy : 4bar, A2, A6, A7 in Natural and Brilliant White
  • Colorplan: A7 in Racing Green, Mid Green, Mist, Ebony, Imperial Blue
We have lots of other papers and envelopes in the office, I try to list them here and we can always pull from there for your projects, or special-order what you need from our suppliers.



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