FAQ: Can You Print Guest Addresses on Envelopes?

Posted by ashley mcneill on

Yes we can!

We'll need a three things to do this:

  1. A designed sample so we know how you want it to look
  2. The list of fonts used so we can purchase them if they're not already in our library, or you can package the fonts for us
  3. A .csv, google sheet, or excel sheet of the addresses, written exactly as you want it to be. Please do not include extra information on your spreadsheet - no unnecessary columns or information. Make a separate sheet just for addresses. (Or use ours)
    Ideally, formatted like this (with the Zip line in text format due to some new england zip codes starting with 0):

Trent will set up the data merge for you and send a multi-page pdf for review before printing. Once we have your final approval, printing will begin.


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