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On Instagram I showed a little clip of a die cutting project and received a few questions about it.
Yes, I can die cut! On our vintage printing press, too.

Video of the cutting process:

Yeah, it's fun:

I have *lots* of shapes in the studio:
  • Circles
    • 6.25"
    • 5"
    • 4”
    • 3.5”
    • 3”
    • 2.75”
    • 2”
    • 1.5”
    • 1”
  • Tombstone Cards (arched) (templates)
    • A7
    • A6
    • 6.5x4.25"
    • A2
    • 4bar
    • 3.5x4.25"
  • Slit 2.5" Circle Escort Card (template)
  • Envelope Liner
    • A7 Rounded Euro Flap (template) - good for Announcement Converters' env.
    • A7 Pointed Euro Flap (template) - pointed liner
    • 6x6 Euro Flap, scalloped - can fit an A6 if you lop off 1.75" from the bottom (template)
  • Scalloped
  • Oval (template)
  • Champagne Bottle (template)
  • Nutcracker (template)
  • Sunglasses (template)
  • Squares and rectangles
    • Rounded rectangle (1.8125"x4.125" template)
    • Perforated rounded rectangle (3.5"x2.3125 template)
  • Tag/House shape (6.5"x3.5")
  • Handled rectangle (5"x6.75")
  • Shapes I still haven't figured out what they are
  • Angled slits for inserting gift cards
  • Door hanger styles, which I use for wine bottle gift tags
If you want a custom shape for your project, we can do that, too! My steel die maker is in the Dallas area and ships crazy-fast. I joke that the die arrives at the studio before I even submit my order, but it's about a two-day turnaround. So fast.

I'll update this with new die shapes/sizes and photos so you can reference it for projects.
As always, email if you have any questions or projects to discuss.

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