From Basic to Completely Personalized: Thank You Cards

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Want to see how we can take a simple idea and make it more YOU?

The other week we were asked to create some unique thank you cards for a man who just celebrated his 60th birthday and wanted to send appropriate thank you cards.

To keep costs down, since we are using the luxe double-thick cards, we used our collection of metal type. Classic text "Thank You" with "60" behind it in transparent white ink, which makes the "no ink" look more easily seen:

Letterpress thank you stationery in blue and clear inks, by inviting in austin texas.

Then, to make it more special, we printed the 60 on the envelope flap. The transparent white ink was used again, and you can see how it slightly darkens the paper:

Letterpress printed envelope for thank you cards by inviting in Austin, Texas.

We were able to achieve a deep impression without concern for how the other side looked because he also wanted the envelopes lined. Going through our selections of liners for that size, and to keep it classy and masculine, he selected this coppery wood grain:

Letterpress thank you card with lined envelopes, by inviting in austin texas.

When you see something you like that we've created, you can always ask for ideas on changing it up, or adding details to make it more personalized. Another ink color, envelope liners, printed envelopes, thick paper, alternative papers, edge painting... There are so many options and combinations.

Letterpress printing is a world of limitations, but there's still plenty of space within them to experiment and play. Why not browse the custom Thank You cards here and see if anything catches your eye? We'd love to work with you creating something special, for special events or regular days.



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