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A lot of time we're asked to match the ink to an envelope color, and I love this! Not only are you using a colored envelope instead of plain, but matching the ink to it ties the whole set together.

Our Wall of Inks

If you have an element you'd like the ink to match, like an envelope, a liner, or digitally printed piece, the best way is to send me a piece so I can match it in person.

Many times I can mix inks to match in-house but sometimes I'm missing a key ingredient, or it looks really tricky, so I'll order it pre-mixed. I use the Austin-based Southern Ink Co. for that.

Sadly, there's still no perfect "white ink" for letterpress - it always comes out semi-transparent and a little fuzzy. I'm not giving up, just haven't found a solution yet. Still working on it!

Got a project you need printed? Email us to get the ball rolling, and don't forget to specify which Pantone (uncoated) number you'd like for the ink!

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