Let's Talk Letterpress Cotton Paper Options (Updated!)

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We're so happy that there are more options than ever for letterpress-friendly papers!!


Crane's Lettra is our In-House paper. It's what 95% of our pre-printed items are on, and what we use most.
Cotton content: 100%
Made in: U.S.A.
Available colors: Fluorescent White, Pearl White, Ecru White
            New! Black, Light Pink, Light Aqua, Light Gray; Black available in duplex - flo.white on opposite side.
Available weights: 90C (good for folded cards), 110C (good for flat and folded cards), and 220C (great for flats- sturdy and our favorite Lettra option for invitations; shown); new pastels not available in 220C.

Letterpress formal wedding announcement with blush ink on lettra card by inviting in Austin Texas.



Ruche is brand new, and offers a crepe texture.
Cotton content: None, but is 100% recycled!
Made in: USA
Available colors: white, cream, natural (kraft brown), black, blue, duplexes
Available weights: 100C, 170C (shown)

Letterpress wedding invitation with aqua ink on white Ruche paper by inviting in Austin Texas.



Wild is a fun option, and very sturdy.
Cotton content: 35%
Made in: Italy
Available colors: While it does have a few color options, the white is easiest to get and best for our printing.
Available weights: 111C, 166C (we've used this before and it prints beautifully), and 314C, shown:

Letterpress wedding invitation with red ink on 314C Wild paper by inviting in Austin Texas.


Neenah Cotton

Cotton content: 100%
Made in: USA, I think
Available colors: Fluorescent White, Pearl White, Ecru White, Gray, Blush, and Mint
Available weights: 90C, 110C, 220C
We find this interchangeable with Lettra, and sub it as needed. Lettra is getting harder for our local supplier to stock so we may switch to NC completely in the future.

Strathmore Impress

Cotton content: 100%
Made in: USA (with windpower)
Available colors: Ultimate White, Soft White, Light Gray, Light Pink
Available weights: Depending on the color, 104C, 118C, 236C


Cotton content: 100%
Made in: France
Available colors: Bright White, Natural White, Brilliant White, Grey
Available weights:92C, 118C, 236C and Labels!

When you hire us to print for you, I am happy to source alternate papers for your project! We have other suppliers that have offerings I'm not as familiar with, but I'm never opposed to getting my hands on a sample to try out. Let's talk colors, weights, textures... Email us to get the conversation started!

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