Service: White Toner Printing

Posted by ashley mcneill on

Super excited to be able to offer white toner printing!

What Works in Our Printer

  • Colorplan 100# cover, 91# text
  • Basis 70# text
  • Keaykolour text
  • Vellum
  • A9 envelopes (Other sizes will, too, but they'll require more work since "too small" for the printer)

What Doesn't Work

  • Keaykolour 111# cover :(
  • Super-fine lines

File Set Up
Much like for foil and letterpress, please set text and artwork to 100%K. PDF or InDesign files are preferred, with fonts outlined or included in your file.


How Does It Look?

While it's no where near as bold and crisp as Cards & Pockets' white printing, it's pretty comparable to one of our local print shop's. (Thanks to Jen Krause Paper Co. for the samples to compare to!) You can see that the toner is a bit transparent; some of the envelope color does show through. It's softer than C&P.

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