Let's Add a Pop of Color with Edge Painting

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Why edge paint?

When you want to add a little more oomph to a beautiful stationery piece, edge painting is the way to go. We can use an accent color, use a metallic, or match the ink. I carefully, and tightly, stack the cards and hit them with the color desired, and

Edge painting works best on the thicker cards so if you're opting for invitations or stationery that's 180# and thicker, let's edge them! The images below are using 220# Lettra, 100% cotton.

Note: I have edge painted thinner, 110# cards before, and it adds a subtle hint of color to the edges. If that's the effect you're after, sure. Would be best with darker edge colors. If you want a greater impact, using the thicker cards is the answer.

Just look at that shimmer!

 Loved it so much, I edge painted our business cards, too

Gold edge painted, letterpress business cards by inviting in austin texas.


So what colors are available?

Pre-mixed, it's basic bolds, neons, plus the metallics (silver, light gold, and pearl bronze - which is what was used for the gold edging). I can do some minimal mixing in-house.

But what if you want the edging to match your specific Pantone ink? We have a colleague who can do that! It adds a few days to our turnaround, but it can be done. She offers 220# Lettra or Neenah Cotton, or 236# Savoy.

Personally, I'm looking forward to using the black, and I'm going to experiment with adding purple to gold... am hoping it'll look like this Jacques Herbin fountain pen ink. Swoony, right?

Let's discuss your project! Email us to get it started.


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