Fresh Colors for 2020 - Ink & Envelope

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We've updated our colors for 2020!

New Envelope Colors

Your personalized and made-to-order stationery sets just got better.

We've updated our envelope colors for 2020, and have found cotton envelopes with the swanky Euro flaps, so will be carrying those as well.

The new colors are gorgeous, have a slightly vintage vibe, and are available to us in two separate envelope lines so even if we're out of a color, I can still get more quickly for you.

But what about all those other pretty colors you used to carry? Well, most of them are listed for sale on our Etsy page. Others will be used for some pre-printed stationery & card options.

New Ink Colors

Not only did we add some of our new ink colors, but also a couple to better match the new envelope colors. And, each color that isn't a Pantone mixing color (like "Reflex") has it's Pantone number next to it so you can see exactly what the color should look like. (Letterpress printing uses uncoated papers, so keep that in mind.)

I may update the ink offerings again this summer, but for now:

If you have a project with a specific ink color, don't worry - you're not limited to this. If I can't mix it in-house, I can order it

Looking Forward

This year I'm most excited to see

  • how my printing skills grow and improve
  • what other skills I can add and offer
  • which designers I get to print for
  • what I can make for you!

2019 was our best year ever and I thank you for your endless support. I'm very excited to see what beauties we can create in 2020.

If there's anything you need or want to see from us this year, please reach out. And be sure to follow along with our letterpress adventures on instagram.

Wishing you the very best 2020.


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