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Last month I moved my office from the tiniest room of the house to the den. We hardly relaxed back there and it was a much larger space, so it only made sense.

Take a little photo tour with me:

A. Boxes of stuff. Tapes, labels, photos, wax seals, etc. The uniform look helps keep it from looking like clutter.

B. Business, printing, & design books.

C. Portfolios of print work! The first one is everything pre-2020. The brown is 2020. The gold and black are 2021.

D. Project Bins. The most important things on the shelf. They contain job sheets, papers/envelopes, printing plates, and swatches to match, if needed.

E. Swatches of papers & envelopes.

F. Crap to go through. Contains some personal project files but mostly crap to go through.

G. Excess envelopes for the Supply Shop. There are 3 cubbies of this, plus a few project bins in the closet.

H. My trusty kitchen islands. The one the cat is on contains all my Savoy and Lettra cotton papers. The one with the paper cutter contains other papers, envelope liners, and 3 drawers of supplies & tools.

This wall contains my pegboard of papers for envelope liners, tissue papers, tools, and the super handy Job Board, which is the emptiest it's been in months. Could a lull in wedding invitations be here? I wouldn't mind a wee breather!

I. I love Polish posters and this one used to be in the hallway between our offices. Since my desk is in the "wealthy center" for feng shui, I though the Capital poster would be great here. (My mom had me feng shui my office years ago and it's just a habit now! If you look at the pictures with that in mind, you might see certain decorative things carefully placed.)

J. The Closet of Doom. Not really. It has shelves of envelope stock, printed samples, greeting cards that are for sale on Etsy, the free cards available here, small reams of papers, my desk printers, and other random things.

K. The BarbariHens. You can sit at the chair and watch the chickens... be chickens. It's very relaxing.

L. My 98 year old desk. It's small but perfect. And is on bed risers so can be a standing desk if needed.

The reason there's an empty cubby in the first photo: Georgie has claimed it as a favorite napping spot. Harriet has a bed by the TV (next to the white chair) and has no interest in sleeping on the shelves.

Now that I got the internet slowness fixed (we have fiber but it was acting like dial-up!) with a wifi booster in the dining area, i LOVE my new office. There's so much more storage space and having the work tables put together like that is so convenient. Plus, with the cats able to get in there whenever they want (no doors, it's a 3-walled room), I have to keep it tidy so they (or rather Georgie) can't get into things.


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