FAQ: Can You Letterpress Cocktail Napkins?

Posted by ashley mcneill on

We've been asked if we print napkins, and we do!


These are the napkins I tested with (natural color) and they printed really well. Was able to do a double-punch for a bold print.


Way more basic and, sadly, disposable, but can still be done and look great.  Honestly, it's probably cheaper for a larger shop to digitally print them (or however they do it) but when you want the letterpress impression, I'm happy to do it for you!
2023 update: recently used these and they print beautifully. More expensive but higher quality! If I ever get photos taken, will share.


And because they're not just for weddings - I made some for our house:

Email us to discuss your napkin needs!
P.s. - Laundering Notes - I machine washed a Kisimul Casa one, with our normal Tide detergent. It did fade a little but was still very obvious. I recommend hand-washing these though, to keep the ink as vibrant as possible.

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